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A customer seeking a used car often puts a lot of attention into the model and year of the vehicles they are considering, but the body style can sometimes be the deal-breaker. Depending on the lifestyle of the customer, the shape of the vehicle can be important. Discovering your ideal car style can be simple to determine. At Michael Chevrolet, we offer a large selection of used cars to consider and provide a detailed record of its history.

Used Coupes and Sedans

A used vehicle of this body style is likely to already have a lot of miles accumulated. They are among the most common kind of cars that buyers purchase due to their affordable prices. Sedans feature a traditional four-door exterior with enough space on the inside to house a few passengers. A coupe streamlines the experience with only two doors and a compacted interior. Michael Chevrolet promises a clean vehicle that looks like it has never been driven before.

Used Hatchbacks

When advancing up the scale of car space, hatchbacks quickly become an option through its dedicated cargo area. They trade off a spacious interior for a compact design that brings the inside into a single area divided by seats. The back has a flip-up door, while you can also reach the rear cargo space by going over the backseat. Used hatchbacks are best for buyers who take short but frequent trips around town.

Used Convertibles

We keep a stock of used convertibles for buyers that love the outdoors. Buying a car that lets you feel the wind as you travel is sometimes precisely what you need. This body style comes with an adjustable roof that can be opened or closed depending on the weather on a given day.

We have all these used car styles and more at Michael Chevrolet right now.

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